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artiso Tech Talk – What makes a good UI/UX Design

On 8 March 2023, the artiso Tech Talk on “What makes a good UI/UX Design” took place and met with great interest in this special topic area. The speaker of the evening was Evamaria Plehn, Senior UX Architect and Head of the UI/UX Design Team of the digital product development of BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH. She spoke to a packed room about what makes a good UI/UX design.

But what exactly is UI/UX design?

UI design refers to the design of user interfaces, while UX design encompasses the design of user experiences. The aim of both disciplines is to ensure that products are easy to use and fun to use.

An important aspect of user interface design is user-friendliness. A well-designed user interface should be intuitive and easy to understand. The user should be able to quickly understand how to use the product without having to wade through endless menus and options. This can be achieved through the use of clear and simple icons, buttons and text.


A great success with valuable insights.

Overall, the artiso Tech Talk on “What makes a good UI/UX Design” was a great success and offered valuable insights into the world of UI/UX design. Many thanks to Evamaria Plehn for her presentation and to everyone who attended this event. It is certain that the topic of UI/UX design will continue to be of great importance in the future as more and more products come onto the market that require good design in order to be successful.

Evamaria Plehn

Evamaria Plehn is Senior UX Architect and heads the digital product development department at BUSSE Design+Engineering – the UI / UX Design Team. She is passionate about user-centred products that are intuitive to use, modern in design and innovative at the same time.