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A personal word: Managing Director Volker Rath on 30 years of artiso

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked by young colleagues in particular what the story is behind the founding of our company on 17 May 1991 and what conclusions I can draw from the past 30 years as an entrepreneur? After all, after 30 years of employment, some people are happy when it’s almost “done”. I, on the other hand, as an entrepreneur over 30, am delighted to be able to keep going full throttle with a great team! How has self-employment shaped me and what have I learnt from it?

Education is important

Especially when you are at a loss, (further) education helps you immensely to change your perspective and find new solutions for yourself and thus for the common good of the company

Flexibility pays off

We have often had to overcome challenges for our company. I still like it when the team, customers and partners flexibly help to solve challenges that an individual cannot solve alone.

Passion makes you creative

My credo is more than ever: creators must have a passion for people and their “subject”. I have learnt that love for your fellow human beings and an irrepressible will to shape the world are the best prerequisites for creativity. The feeling of being creative with other people and being able to create something new makes you hungry. Curious about the challenges ahead in order to seek and develop solutions with new ideas.

Volker Rath

Executive Director