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Apprenticeship IT Specialist Application Development m/f/d

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void Main()
var you = PupilFinder.GetTrainee().First();
  	you.HaveGender ("Diverse", "Female", "Male");
    you.Learn ("C#", "Typescript", "Python");
    you.DevelopCool ("Websites", "Apps");
    you.Program ("Microcontroller");
    you.Learn ("Convincing appearance and presentation skills");
    you.StartWith ("Software Development basics")
        .Then ("Teamwork with your fellow trainees")
        .Then ("Teamwork on real customer projects")
    var hardSkills = you.HaveOneOf ("Mittlere Reife", "Abitur")
&& you.HaveGrades ("Mathe", "Englisch", "Informatik", "Deutsch" < 3)
&& you.KnowMaybe ("C#", "Other programming language");
    var languages = you.Speak("German", "English");
    var softSkills = you.AreTeamplayer () &&  // Like to solve problems together
                     you.AreCommunicator () && // Interact with customers and colleagues, familiar with inside and outside presentations
                     you.HaveMindset () && // Keen on new technologies, open to unusual topics and approaches, passionate about innovation, hungry for more knowledge
                     you.LoveToCode ();
    you.Enjoy ("HQ_Blautal", "Inspiring Team", "Tabletop Soccer Championships", "Gym under the apple trees", "for more see benefits");
    you.Get ("Individual coaching", "Fulltime instructor", "Up-to-date Hard- and Software", "Programming from day 1");
    if (hardSkills && softSkills && languages && you.HaveBock ())
        you.ApplyTo ("");
        We.LookForward ("2CU");

Are you looking for an apprenticeship as an IT specialist in application development and would you like to develop cool applications with your fellow trainees, build a robot from time to time and control it from home via your own website? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our full-time trainers look forward to accompanying you on your journey into the world of software development and providing you with personalised support.

What you should bring with you on this journey is a high school diploma with good grades in maths, German, English and computer science. If you have also already acquired knowledge of C# or another programming language, we can build on this individually according to your level of knowledge.

Our training content includes teaching the basics of software development, involvement in customer projects after the first year of training and various support programmes for teamwork and personal development.

What else we are looking forward to:

  • You are a team player who enjoys finding solutions together.
  • You are communicative in all directions and therefore also speak English.
  • You are curious and open to new things, so learning is your favourite word.
  • You love what you do, so coding is your passion.

With us, you’ll work in an inspiring team that not only shares the work with you, but also many a table football match or white sausage breakfast. If all this appeals to you, then why not give us a call at

In a few words

Do you have a high school diploma and want to share your enthusiasm and inspiration with your fellow trainees on cool projects? Then you’ve come to the right place as an IT specialist in application development. In addition to a full-time trainer, personal coaching and an above-average training salary, we offer you lots of benefits that will make working at artiso a great experience. We look forward to receiving your application with CV and references by email to


Note: Our apprenticeship is popular. Applications for 2024 and 2025 are welcome.