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From the idea to success! With our Digital-Product-Lifecycle

Are you looking for a reliable partner to implement your software projects? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our experienced team, consisting of innovation engineers, full-stack developers, scrum masters, DevOps engineers, cyber security specialists, and IT administrators, is here to assist you.

With our expertise and many years of experience, we can plan and implement your projects optimally. We ensure that you can enter the market quickly and efficiently. Count on us and benefit from a successful realization of your projects!

Whether you need know-how or resources, we offer you tailor-made solutions and support you from start to finish. Contact us today and let us realize your vision together!

Develop Strategy

For each competence offering around the Digital-Product-Lifecycle, we offer you the right strategy with the right specialists from the respective field. Business strategy, innovation development strategy, product strategy, software development strategy and IT infrastructure strategy are just a few of our service portfolio. 

In addition to the product strategy, customised software also requires the right software development strategy and the associated expertise in the respective industry, e.g. mechanical engineering, plant engineering, automation and robotics. We work with you to develop the perfectly interlocking strategies that form the appropriate cornerstone for your product. 

We would be happy to support you in your upcoming projects and develop a strategy for your sustainable business success together with you.

Idea & Prototype

Together with you, we combine our know-how with the different requirements of the industries. This enables us to operationalize plans quickly. Our toolbox supports you during the ideation phase. We use methods from innovation digging to design thinking.

With design thinking, we offer you a new perspective on your problem statements: connect your industry know-how with the needs of your customers and the solution capability of our software experts. In guided creative workshops, you combine these perspectives to develop new solution concepts that our software teams implement directly for you. In no time, ideas become prototypes and initial results are achieved.

It goes without saying that not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes it is advantageous to fail as early as possible in order to be able to make course corrections early and keep costs under control. With our artiso proprietary innovation process, we are able to resonate directly with the respective target group and adapt our joint software product agilely to market needs.

So you can continue to focus on your important daily business, you don’t have to tie up your own resources for implementation. With artiso, you have the right partner by your side.

Manufacture, Adapt & Integrate System

After prototyping, the production of the software product begins. To create long-term solutions for a digitized world, it is necessary to quickly understand new technologies. For the creation of your software product, we draw from a pool of technological possibilities.

We apply the appropriate technology stacks in the form of programming languages (C#, Javascript, Python, and more), frameworks (Angular, .NET, AR Core, etc.), and methodological competence (Scrum, etc.) to sustainably increase your innovation power.

Our experienced talents and specialists have extensive project expertise. Our qualified development teams work in the backend and frontend of web, cloud, mobile, or desktop applications.

Efficient teamwork and extensive knowledge in project organization, including Azure DevOps, are a matter of course for us. Through agile organizational structures, our contribution to your product can reach its full potential. This ensures rapid project implementation and continuous efficiency improvement.

Our project teams always work internally with agile project management methods. In cooperation with you, we can also implement other project methods (e.g. Prince2), which we call ambidexterity.

At the beginning of a production, we start with a small project team and can quickly and strongly scale up with over 40 of our own developers in the further course of the project.

Monitor & Analyze

Making important decisions based on clear facts is the ideal scenario for a product manager. In a complex and volatile world, it is a challenge to keep track of large amounts of data.

Competencies in areas such as AI, big data, and data analysis are required to manage and analyze this data. These competencies are also crucial for the success of a project nowadays. For this process, we develop individual KPIs to measure and scale success. This helps to identify and avoid errors early on, leading to cost minimization. We also work together with you to implement business models for monetizing the collected data.


We embedding the “Operate” competence field into your project early on to deliver a secure and stable software for you.

With DevOps, we support you in optimizing your entire pipeline from product management to end-user and back again on the path to continuous value flow. Build-Measure-Learn is a central instrument here to test and adjust the implemented ideas in real operation for their effectiveness. Through ongoing feedback loops, your product is always up-to-date.

Furthermore, DevOps ensures that the infrastructure for operating the product is well-prepared through close interaction and certified know-how of development and operations. This enables continuous delivery of your product and significantly reduces the time-to-market. Through a combination of consulting, knowledge transfer, and motivation for self-initiative, we work together to achieve the earliest possible value creation for your product.

Our DevOps specialists develop processes, tools, and methods to balance the different requirements that may arise during the entire Digital-Product-Lifecycle. For example, we can deploy updates during ongoing operations, avoiding any downtime or revenue losses.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been sweeping through our history in waves for around 70 years, significantly shaping the development of numerous technologies and industries. Although the conception of AI as we know it today dates back less than seven decades, artiso solutions GmbH has been able to gain in-depth experience with this revolutionary technology over the last 30 years.

From the early days of machine learning and the foundations of neural networks, through the complexity of deep learning and natural language processing (NLP), to the latest wave of generative AI – each development has changed the world in its own way. These technological advances offer countless opportunities, but also come with their own challenges.

We – artiso solutions GmbH – know that navigating the jungle of AI technologies can be daunting without an experienced guide. This is exactly where we come in: Not only do we provide expert advice to identify the right technology for your use case, but we also develop customized solutions that give your business a real advantage.

Our team of experts uses a holistic approach to ensure that the integration of AI into your business is not only seamless, but also contributes to sustainable success. We analyze your specific needs, explore the potential of different AI technologies and identify the optimal solutions for your individual challenges.

You can rest assured that you will benefit from the latest developments in AI without getting lost in the complexity of the technology. Our goal is to give you a decisive competitive advantage by leveraging innovations that drive your business forward.

Change Management

Our agile expert teams have internalized a comprehensive understanding of leadership, roles, and process flows, enabling them to quickly penetrate existing development environments. Our agile coaches assemble productive teams while considering the required competencies and role functions and accompany them throughout the entire development process. Together with you, we create processes for productive collaboration in your teams and support you with agile methods and formats.

With a fresh outside perspective, our artiso agile coaches identify improvement potential more quickly and initiate positive changes through targeted measures. Our agile coaches are also people-oriented with a systemic view of existing agile processes. They promote individual skills within the team and are a contact point for both management and team members. They share their knowledge and experience and contribute their methodological expertise, even if the development process stalls. Through their “help for self-help,” the team is sustainably strengthened in collaboration and enabled to achieve the set corporate goals.

Using suitable combinations of agile method components, we ensure that the right approach is chosen for your requirements. We use elements of classical agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban, but also generative methods such as design thinking or other creativity techniques. By constantly adapting our methods to the process, we can quickly respond to changes and actively drive the development of solutions.

We help you establish new thinking and working in all areas of your company and educate them with agile values.

Cyber Security

The digitization brings many new opportunities and challenges. This leads to innovative product solutions where security and data protection must not be forgotten. Our IT security experts support you in all security issues from product strategy to completion and beyond.

Throughout the entire Digital-Product-Lifecycle, security must be considered in every phase. Whether it’s threat analysis, privacy by design, or security by design, secure software plays a significant role in sustainable success, from ideation to operation.

In addition, we collaborate with reliable partners specializing in security in every phase. Penetration testing and resilient systems (Cyber Resilience Act of the EU) are just as much a part of our joint service as the necessary certifications for your software.