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Individual software solutions

The complex design of digital processes demands a high degree of creativity in the choice of methods and the use of technologies.

Working together with you, we want to design applications that are so user-friendly that you no longer have just one expert in your company. Instead, different users should be able to understand and influence the processes. In doing so, we believe in meshing technologies, environments, and methods to find just the right mix to meet your needs. This is how we guarantee an optimal user experience.

Web applications

Whether it’s a dashboard on the status quo in production, the control and monitoring of processes, or interaction with customers, our web applications support users with intuitive user guidance on a modern interface and are available on all possible devices from laptops to tablets or smartphones.

Cloud applications

Looking for a hardware-independent solution that can be scaled freely according to your needs? Then take advantage of the infrastructural benefits of the cloud. We develop applications for your virtual data center, covering everything from the migration of individual services to the use of software as a service or the storage of web-based and resource-intensive content. Whether you’re looking for a cloud solution for your customers or want to use our software in your company via the cloud – we’ll work with you to find the solution that’s tailored to your needs, all while maintaining the highest security standards.

Mobile applications

Our app developments are part of our process optimization. To this end, we analyze where we can optimize the processes of a specific user group and thereby create added value. Whether you’re using a smartwatch, recording service charges via smartphone, or providing a service for field staff – our apps’ user-centric focus ensures superior ease of use and, as a result, faster processes.

Desktop applications

Even though desktop applications are increasingly being replaced by web applications, it may still be necessary to develop desktop solutions when computer systems interact or are connected to external hardware. With our many years of experience in this area, we’ll find a tailor-made solution for your requirements.

Volker Rath

Executive Director