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Open innovation

Innovative ideas and solutions are the answer to tomorrow’s challenges. Those who recognize necessities today and find forward-looking approaches to them will remain competitive even in the face of rapid changes in markets and industries. We are your partner, working with you to find precisely these solutions for your company. Let’s get started.

Together we are strong

Combining your industry knowledge and our technological expertise, we develop innovative solutions that are tailor-made for your specific requirements. With our unbiased view from the outside and our methodical and technological know-how, we create the framework for detached thinking far away from everyday life. This allows us to create new ideas or further develop existing ones. Working in partnership, we develop the first simple solutions in such a way that even the most complex approaches can be experienced.

From the task to the solution

An innovation will only be successful in the long term if the idea fits the product. To do this, we support our customers with suitable, tried-and-tested approaches such as design thinking to mobilize their creativity reserves, test ideas and deploy them in a targeted manner. Through domain-driven design, we find a common language for participants from different areas, enabling them to work together as a team on shaping ideas. On this path, we support you with workshops and by moderating the various processes, but also as active participants with fresh ideas and a free view from the outside.

Proof of concept

Our many years of experience in agility, individual software development and working in completely different industries enable us to quickly verify developed ideas without long project planning phases. A focused approach on one or more clear proofs of concept quickly gives us the needed insights into feasibility and benefits.

Our experts transform ideas into code

If concrete ideas for new products or services already exist or we have jointly developed ideas in a design thinking workshop, we deploy the expertise of our software development team to turn your ideas into realities. This is where both our experience in implementing individual software solutions and our technological know-how come into play.

Always up-to-date

To enable us to keep a close eye on future possibilities, we also keep abreast of new trends. In doing so, we deal intensively with the latest technologies and evaluate them in the context of proofs of concept or showcases. Such visualizations bring complex interrelationships to life and thus raise the acceptance of new thinking. Whether it’s augmented reality, IoT or artificial intelligence – our curiosity knows no bounds.

Volker Rath

Executive Director