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artiso celebrates the successful completion of training by Piotr, Jan and Kian

July 2023

A major milestone has been reached – our apprentices have successfully completed their training as IT specialists for application development! We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Piotr, Jan and Kian and celebrate their success in style.

We would also like to take this opportunity to emphasise once again how impressive the development of Piotr, Jan and Kian was during their training period. Piotr impressed us with his communicative and open manner, and his special humour and charm often made the team laugh. Jan, on the other hand, impressed with his calmness and intellect, while Kian impressed with his astonishing maturity and showed a talent for leadership. All three were committed, willing to learn and ready to take on responsibility.

The apprentices completed their training at artiso during a time of change, overcoming the challenges of the coronavirus period. They worked from home for their first year and organised themselves independently. The changing conditions, hygiene regulations and dealing with the pandemic have demanded a lot from them. But despite the turbulent times, they have always kept calm and remained true to their training. They have not been discouraged and have risen above themselves time and again. Truly impressive!

Piotr, Jan and Kian, we congratulate you once again from the bottom of our hearts on your success! We look forward to your further successes and to growing with you as you take on new challenges.