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artiso INNO TALK –
The importance of education in an AI-driven era

On March 21, 2024, innovation enthusiasts met at Villa Lindenhof in Blaustein to discuss the “Importance of education in an AI-driven era”.

The INNO TALK was not only inspiring, but also insightful. It encouraged the participants to actively think about the impact of AI on education and society and to educate themselves further.

A big thank you to all speakers and participants for their contributions and the lively exchange!

An evening full of insights into the future of education

The evening began with an impressive musical performance by Noah Cauas on the saxophone and Marcus McLaren on the grand piano (Bläserphilharmonie der Stadt Blaustein), which created an inspiring atmosphere.

The event opened with a keynote speech by Claus Allgaier, followed by a presentation by Prof. Dr. Jens Kolb from Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Kolb provided valuable insights into the world of generative AI and predicted future changes in the education system. He emphasized the need to adapt to the challenges and use the possibilities of AI in education, while also addressing critical aspects such as the possible loss of grammar skills through the use of AI tutors.

Among the highlights of the evening were lively discussions about the future of education and the necessary adaptations in an AI-driven world:

  • Insights into future changes in the education system – how teaching content and examination methods will need to adapt.
  • The importance of skills such as analytical thinking, creativity, resilience, curiosity and self-efficacy in an AI-driven world.
  • A lively panel discussion on the role of coaches, ethics in dealing with AI and the danger of manipulation through fake news.

Future worlds of work: The importance of education in an AI-driven era

How is artificial intelligence influencing the education system?
The necessary adjustments in the education landscape will be discussed and the changing requirements for knowledge workers will be highlighted. The focus is on the question of whether conventional educational concepts are sufficient and what skills future employees will need in a world shaped by AI. The lecture encourages us to understand the
between AI and education and to recognize the relevance of lifelong learning for success in the changing world of work.

Prof. Dr. Jens Kolb, Vice President Transfer & Continuing Education, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

AI is reshaping learning: understanding instead of knowledge!

What role do universities play in this change? How can schools, science and business work together to overcome these challenges? We recognize that the future is not just about accumulating knowledge. For knowledge, the marginal costs of using AI will continuously move towards EUR 0 – and we at artiso recognize that a community of understanding is needed much more in companies and that this is then our target image for lifelong learning within the framework of sustainable capitalism per se.