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Learning through teaching-the artiso New Learning approach with the Blue Valley Campus

June 2023

Training at artiso solutions GmbH is based on the New Learning approach, which is based on the principle of “learning by teaching”. We want to encourage our trainees to actively participate in their own learning process and pass on their knowledge to their colleagues.

A few years ago, we asked ourselves: How can we replace the classic teaching-learning situation (specialised lecture by trainers) with New Learning (self-directed cooperative learning)? Answering this question has sent us on a journey on which we are constantly trying out new things in order to learn with and from each other.

We train young people according to a new teaching-learning concept and enable them to learn in a self-organised and self-reflective way. We give young talents the space and support them in realising their potential. By preparing their knowledge in a target group-orientated and practical way, they anchor what they have learned more deeply in their memory, strengthen their presentation skills and can thus build up their self-confidence.

How do we tackle the challenge of Corporate Learning & Development?

For us at artiso solutions, learning and development is not just a task within organisational development, but a corporate mission for the future. We have established various initiatives and events to promote learning and development within our organisation. These include Learning Circles, Mob Programming events, Tech Talks, trainee projects, Workshop Thursday and our Young Talents Programme. Through these measures, we aim to strengthen learning from and with each other.

The Blue Valley IT Campus South: The future of training and further education in the IT sector

The Blue Valley Campus is the result of a long-standing success story at artiso solutions GmbH. Thanks to our proven training concept, we have brought qualified and imaginative young talent into our company over the years. This success gave rise to the idea of creating the Blue Valley Campus and making our internal learning and development concept accessible to the public under our own brand.

Visit the Blue Valley Campus at and find out more about our offers and programmes. Become part of our community and realise your potential in an inspiring learning environment.