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Methods and consulting

We believe that, to achieve continuous success, the development process must be regularly challenged and adapted. Our agile expert teams have a variety of methodological skills and strategies at their disposal.

This is how we achieve the goal together

Agile teamwork

Our agile expert teams have an ingrained understanding of leadership, roles, and process flows in their entirety, empowering them to quickly penetrate existing development environments. We rely on a customized team constellation combining our own and the customer’s expertise. This way, we ensure that the right combination of agile method components is used to find the right approach for your requirements. We use elements of classic agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban in addition to generative methods such as design thinking or other creativity techniques. Constantly adapting procedures to the process allows us to react quickly to changes and thus actively drive the development of solutions.

Agile coaching

Our agile coaches put together the productive teams, taking into account the required competencies and role functions, and accompany them during the development process. With their unbiased view from the outside, they identify potential for change and contribute to introducing sustainable changes in the work structure through targeted measures. Our agile coaches promote individual skills and act as contact persons for managers and team members alike. They share their knowledge and experience and contribute their methodological expertise, even when the development process gets stuck.



With DevOps, we support you in optimizing your complete pipeline from product management to the end user and back again on the way to a continuous value flow. Build-measure-learn is a key tool for testing and adapting the effectiveness of implemented ideas in real operations. Continuous feedback loops ensure that your product is always up-to-date. In addition, DevOps ensures that the infrastructure is optimally prepared for the operation of the product through close interaction and certified know-how from development and operations. This means that your product can be continuously delivered and that the time to market can be significantly shortened. In a combination of consulting, knowledge transfer and initiative motivation, we work together to add value to your product as early as possible.

Design thinking

With design thinking, we can open up a new perspective on your challenges: Combine your industry know-how with the needs of your customers and the problem-solving capabilities of our software experts. In guided creative workshops, you will link these perspectives to develop new solution concepts – which our software teams can implement directly for you.

Volker Rath

Executive Director