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We celebrate 30 years of company existence

Pressemitteilung März 2022

Creative problem solver for SMEs and DAX companies

Artiso Solutions GmbH in Blaustein celebrates 30 years in business

Artiso Solutions GmbH, based in the Blaustein suburb of Arnegg, started out as a hardware producer and now exclusively develops customised software for medium-sized companies as well as DAX companies. The company, which currently has 62 employees, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year – with a one-year delay due to the pandemic.

“Difficulties are a welcome challenge for us. As a multi-creative problem solver, we help companies with their digital transformation, from ideation and software development to marketing and the operation of software products,” reports Managing Director Volker Rath. The company’s customers, with a projected annual turnover of around five million euros, include medium-sized companies as well as DAX companies, for whose research departments Artiso Solutions GmbH develops innovative software in its own company building in Arnegg. The fast-growing Blaustein-based software company trains many of its own specialists and has had excellent experiences in doing so because its employees appreciate the family atmosphere, personal interaction and open communication. Volker Rath believes his company is still on the right track: “The order books are full of challenging projects for interesting partners. Incoming orders are currently a third higher than in the same period in 2021.

Rath has retained his entrepreneurial spirit. To mark its 30th anniversary, his company is promoting innovation and founders with a “Perfect Pitch”. As part of the company’s own competition, twelve selected start-ups will be able to present themselves to interested parties, investors and incubators from the corporate network on 22 March. The event will be broadcast live on the internet and at the end, the community of participants will decide who is the “Perfect Pitch”, who will receive free support and benefit from the expertise, innovative spirit and contacts of Artiso Solutions GmbH.

The company launch 30 years ago was less professionally organised. Volker Rath and Thomas Schissler registered their joint company on the day of the last technical school-leaving examination in May 1991. It was initially called RS-Tronics and manufactured computer hardware. The two founders and young entrepreneurs went to university on the side. Success came quickly. Over the years, however, the company shifted its focus to the development of customised software for companies, which turned out to be “absolutely the right decision”, as Managing Director Volker Rath emphasises. In 1999, the software developer was renamed “Artiso Solutions GmbH”. At the same time, the large Ulm-based company Uzin Utz, which took over 50 per cent of the company shares, came on board as a strong partner. “We have emerged stronger from all the developments and crises of recent decades,” explains Rath.

The company, which has its roots in the town of Blaustein, not only supports young companies and innovations, but also various school and cultural projects such as the Blaustein Wind Philharmonic Orchestra. “We support cultural and social commitment and invest in environmental projects because this is very important to us,” emphasises Managing Director Volker Rath.


Artiso Solutions GmbH was founded in May 1991 by Volker Rath and Thomas Schissler under the name RS-Tronics. The company configured computer hardware. The company, based in the Blaustein district of Arnegg, was renamed in 1999 and has been called Artiso Solutions GmbH ever since. At the same time, Uzin Utz AG took over 50 per cent of the company’s shares. Artiso Solutions GmbH currently employs 62 people and generated an annual turnover of around 4.4 million euros in 2021. Managing Director and company founder is Volker Rath. Co-founder Thomas Schissler retired from the company in 2018.

Volker Rath

Executive Director