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artiso Tech Talk – fast and curious with AWS

On July 5, 2023, our artiso location in Milan hosted its first Tech Talk. With an interesting presentation by Antonio Bruno, the audience was introduced to the fascinating world of AWS, which sparked curiosity and led to meaningful conversations.

artiso tech talk – what makes a good UI/UX Design

On March 8, 2023, the artiso Tech Talk on “What makes a good UI/UX Design” Evamaria Plehn, Senior UX Architect and Head of the UI/UX Design Team of the digital product development of BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH took place.

artiso Tech Talk – How to web prototype (fast)

Who wouldn’t want that? To try it out quickly, without much fuss? In a live example on September 29, 2022, we built a web application with geolocations, real-time data and less than 1,000 lines of code from scratch as part of our Tech Talk.


It’s a wrap! 🏁 The premiere of Perfect Pitch is over on 22.03.2022. What needs to happen to get things moving in terms of digital innovation in Ulm, Ulm and the surrounding area? We believe it is time to offer innovators a stage to drive ideas forward with the right people